Chic Design Ideas for a Grey Kitchen

The interior design glossies and all agree on it: grey kitchens are right on trend. Although that’s true for all shades of grey, there’s little that can beat the sophisticated style that comes with some beautiful dark grey cabinets. But how can you achieve your own smokey chic? Well, that smokey grey combines very well with a mix of metals, like copper, silver and gold. There’s countless opportunities to include these in your kitchen, from jars to doorknobs to pots and pans. Another wonderful addition to your grey kitchen is warm toned wood, which is equally easy to include with the help of some cutting boards or nice wooden spoons. Marble is another eye catcher. You can use white marble to break up the dark tones without sacrificing any of that class, whereas darker marbles allow you to retain that lovely, warm atmosphere.

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Chic Design Ideas for a Grey Kitchen

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