Clean Your Central Air Conditioning Units

With fall in the air, chances are you no longer need to use your air conditioning. So now is the time to clean out your air conditioning ducts for next summer. First, inspect the drain channels for clogs. Next, replace your air conditioning filters. Lastly, clean your evaporator coils once per year. To clean the drain channel, use a stiff wire. The drain channel is a PVC pipe that’s easy to identify. It should be completely clear of obstructions. To replace your filter, shut down your air conditioning system, then replace the filter. Make sure the airflow direction is correct, and the filter seal is tight. The coils are typically behind a panel you must unscrew. If the coils are slightly grimy, use some coil cleaning solution from a local hardware store. If there’s rust or lots of dirt on the coils, though, it’s time to call an HVAC expert.

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Clean Your Central Air Conditioning Units

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