Decorate & Celebrate: Simple Halloween Decor

Decorating the house for Halloween can be fun and easy. There are some great methods for creating eye-catching and scary decorations. These ideas are easy enough for kids to participate too. We can use loose branches to decorate the outside of the house. Loose branches can be gathered and spray-painted black to make a bleak Halloween scene. We can add pumpkins and hang bats from the branches to make the outside of our home look eerie.

It is also quite simple to turn the inside of our home into a fun and scary Halloween scene. Dark-colored yarn can be hung around objects to make simple spiders webs. We can cut silhouettes from black paper to fill our homes with witches, rats, bats, and spiders. There are plenty more great decorative ideas to use around our home this Halloween season.

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Decorate & Celebrate: Simple Halloween Decor

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