Everything You Need To Know About Cooling Your Home

The most common method to stay cool is the use of air conditioning. However, it very expensive, with a rough cost of $400 from the months of June to August. To lower costs of your air conditioning unit, set the temperature as high as possible and use programmable multi-room when no one is home. Initially, don’t start the temperature low as it won’t speed up the process but it will use more energy. Improving ventilation in the house can reduce the need for air conditioning. This can be done by opening doors and windows, or installing ceiling/bathroom/attic fans. Setting ceiling fans to counter clockwise will draw cooler air up from the floor. Maintenance of insulation in the home and blocking out sunlight, as well as cleaning the filter and coils in the AC can reduce energy use overall. If needed, call in a professional.

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Everything You Need To Know About Cooling Your Home

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