How to Replace a Wheelbarrow Flat Tire

A flat wheelbarrow tire can make your life miserable. Here’s how to quickly and easily replace your inflatable tire with a no-flat version. First, remove some hex nuts and pull the old wheel off. Make sure to keep track of the small brackets and nuts that fasten the tire to the wheelbarrow itself! You’re going to need these when you reassemble the new tire on the wheelbarrow. The new wheel kit will come with extra pieces to fasten it on either side of the wheel and prevent slippage or wobbling. Make sure you use these, as you don’t want the tire wobbling around when you try to move a heavy load. Lastly, make sure there’s plenty of clearance twixt the tire and the metal guard in the front of the wheelbarrow that protects the tire itself.

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How to Replace a Wheelbarrow Flat Tire

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