Lighten Up! Bringing More Natural Light into Your Home

Love life. Lighten up with natural light. Bringing more natural light into your home can bring significant improvements in your health and happiness. Restoring the natural light-dark cycle in your home environment can even ward off osteoporosis and muscle loss. The good news is that – even if the the daily light in your house is very poor – this can be improved at minimal cost, using a bit of imagination and creativity. Getting started; you will look at window treatments, use of plants and natural decor, light enhancing curtains and even creating a window of light by just using a simple mirror. Maximizing your space, arranging your furniture correctly, using lighter paints and using every opportunity to enhance your light with crystals and glass mirrors are just a few of the many ideas you can implement to improve the “darkness” in the house.

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Lighten Up! Bringing More Natural Light into Your Home

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