Prized Pantries

One of the things that a lot more homeowners look at these days is the food storage space. Walk-in pantries have become more popular over the years. Even if you don’t have walk-in storage, there are a lot of things you can do with your storage space to make it more appealing. Shelving and lighting get a lot of thought for storage, but there are other additions you can try. If there is space, you could put in a sink or additional appliances that you don’t use as often. Try thinking outside the box!

Key Takeaways:

  • When the holidays arrive, food storage space is at a premium.
  • Use clever storage options like pull out shelves in cupboards that let you use every inch of space, or slide out can storage that can be tucked next to a refrigerator.
  • Recessed lighting is a great idea in a pantry because it is streamlined and unobtrusive.

“A sink can be installed in a pantry to create a wet bar, or to have a designated flower arranging station.”

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