3 DIY Painting Tips for Tricky Areas

Painting for renovation sounds good but it can get messy. Some areas are tricky to paint and may need some additional tools. These 3 painting tools; Paint Brush Extension Tool, Safety Razor Holder and Hotdog Roller can be helpful. Paint Brush Extension Tool can be used for those areas where you cannot reach with your hand or ladder. These areas can be the ceiling and top corners. Painting windows leaves the paint on the window glass which looks unclean and its tricky to remove the paint around the windows on the glass. Safety Razor Holder is best as compared to masking tape, you simply need to scrape the paint on the glass before it dries off completely. Another tricky area to paint is a smaller room. Washrooms can be tricky to paint specially behind the commode. Hot Dog Roller is the tool for this area to get painted. These 3 tools are very useful and help to cleanly paint the tricky areas of the house.

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3 DIY Painting Tips for Tricky Areas

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