How NOT to Unclog Your Downspouts

There are ways in which you can clean or unclog your downspouts but using some ways are not recommended by professionals. Try keeping up with your rain gutters for proper home maintenance.

Never do the following:

  1. Never use your hands or your children’s hands to wrestle the clog out of downspouts.
  2. Do not use rod or poles to clear the clogs in downspouts.
  3. Never use home cleaners because water pooling around your home can damage some of your home property. It can be leaked out in the basement  as it will create a breeding area for mold.
  4. Never neglect rain gutters and other down spouting as that can lead to major problems, because they are designed to move melting snow away from home. If, all or some get clogged/filled with leaves then rain water cannot run off.

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How NOT to Unclog Your Downspouts

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