3 Rich Color Palettes for Your Fall Table

A unique and vivid color palette for your fall table can make the parties you host into special events. One darkly dramatic option centers around a grey tablecloth with black napkins, and touches of brass (like candlestick holders) that will pop out and create a sparkling impression. Another option? Neutral tones like gray and beige, offset by greenery that seems more vivid because of the contrast with the somber colors. Citrus fruit and flatware come alive against such subdued tones. A third choice involves going in the opposite direction, toward a rich palette of hues, saturating your dinner table with sumptuous colors like burgundy and teal. Layering on dark blue napkins with black flatware will complete the deep rich effect of a layered almost decadent fall mise-en-scene.

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3 Rich Color Palettes for Your Fall Table

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