A Hammer Drill Quick Tip (and That Time I Felt Like an Idiot)

A friend and I were having a discussion today about drill chuck run out. It seems that when we tighten up the chuck on a drill, we use two different methods. I was told, back in the day, in Voc. Welding Class that first to tighten it up by hand. Then the chuck should be tightened by starting at one hole in the chuck and going around it, putting the chuck key in each hole consecutively and tightening it little more each time until it is tight on the drill.

Key Takeaways:

  • It may be bad timing once it’s up since every blogger is clearly already in Christmas mode, but perhaps I’ll have it done by this weekend.
  • And then we’ll move on to me still doing outdoor projects, because I live in Georgia and it’s still going to be laughably warm for who knows how many more weeks.
  • Anyway, I thought tonight instead I’d provide you with something I learned while working on the stump fire this past week.

“It just kept turning and turning with the chuck about to twist completely off of the drill rather than the chuck loosening around the bit.”

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