Beautiful Fall Home Ideas + Inspiration Monday

This fall pumpkins take center stage – all kinds of pumpkins, from crystal to velvet, large to tiny, orange to white to metallic. Pumpkins can be used as a centerpiece, embroidered on pillows, painted, used in combination with other plants or just tucked into available corners. They can even be any color of velvet you desire. Along with pumpkins, apples, pears and acorns are very popular, whether screen printed on pillows or the real deal. Display an acorn pillow on your sofa, or set out a bag of apples. Display a pear on your end table. Declare autumn has finally arrived. For colors this fall, muted oranges, dark browns and deep reds seem to be prominent. Green is as well, but usually in the form of foliage. Houseplants are a must for fall decorating this year.

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Beautiful Fall Home Ideas + Inspiration Monday

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