Decks ~ why they need to be sealed and application tips

Wood rots. All woods exposed to the elements are going to deteriorate to uselessness over time. Some composite decks also rot. It usually takes longer for rot to set in, and it manifests itself in ways that you won’t find in real wood, but eventually decay does begin, and has to be dealt with. Keeping water out of wood is the job of sealants. For decks, the usual sealant is a penetrating sealant rather than a surface coating like paint. In the past penetrating sealants lasted, with luck, for a full year. Every spring the deck has to be resealed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Decks are a beautiful, prominent and often expensive addition to your home.
  • Properly cared for decks can maintain their beauty and value for decades. It only makes sense to protect an investment with so much potential.
  • The elements are very harsh on a deck, from ice, sleet and snow in the winter to rain and baking sun in the summer, a deck has to withstand tremendous variations in climate.

“If your only interest is protecting your deck then applying a sealant is all that is required. Be aware that if you apply sealant to your deck then you should wait at least one year and possibly up to three years before applying any stain.”

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