What Motor Oil Should You Use in Your Vehicle?

Choosing the right oil for your engine is critical to your engine’s efficiency and lifespan. Popular Mechanics Magazine recommends purchasing oil with the “Starburst” symbol on the package regardless of vehicle type. Motor oil viscosity is represented in numerical values; the viscosity required for your vehicle can be found under your oil cap. Check with your manufacturer to determine whether to use synthetic or conventional oil.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing the wrong motor oil for your car could hasten engine wear and cause premature failure.
  • The correct oil will improve fuel economy and emissions.
  • Selecting the right oil is crucial to your car’s durability, efficiency and lifespan.

“The right oil may also help with fuel economy and emissions. So, choosing the right oil for your vehicle is critical to your engine’s durability, efficiency and lifespan.”

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